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Northern VA, Washington D.C. area musical equipment repair and modification. Specializing in tube amplifiers.

Blues Jrs, Vintage Marshall, G-DEC

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Pete (703)615-8445 e-mail

10W Custom built Single Ended amp. I can sell these amps for about $950
Front Back Chassis
Front Back Chassis

Build based on Blackface Deluxe kit. I can sell these type amps for $1100
Blackface Deluxe from kit Blackface Deluxe from kit Blackface Deluxe from kit Blackface Deluxe from kit

Franken Amp. Built from scratch and spares. Circuit is similar to Tweed Deluxe. I can sell Tweed Deluxe amps for $1000
Franken Amp Franken Amp Franken Amp Franken Amp

Marshall 18W Clone. Built from a kit. I can sell these amps for $1000
Marshall 18 clone from kit Marshall 18 clone from kit Marshall 18 clone from kit Marshall 18 clone from kit

Background & experience:

I've been working on tube amps every since I modified my first Heathkit "Hi-Fi" for guitar use in 1968. I've been an electronics design engineer by profession for 30+ years and have countless hours of experience on everything from vintage tube amps to modern high density printed circuits. I have a well equiped shop with all the tools and instruments required to trouble-shoot and test most audio equipment. Lab Bench

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- Amplifier Repair

I do solid-state as well as tube amplifiers. I will work on class D devices - however, in many cases they are not cost effective to repair. In those cases a 1/2 hour diagnostic fee is charged.

- Amplifier Modification

Modifications are most common on tube amplifiers. Typical mods include master volume, triode modifications, and tone stack mods. Contact me for consultation and a quote.

I have built several amps from kits and from scratch. I will build to spec from kits or from scratch. Contact me for a quote. My lastest project is an amplifier of my own design. I can sell these for $950 :

This amp is a Single Ended, true Class A (many thought to be class A are really cathode biased AB amps) using a 12AX7 and an EL34.

It produces 10 clean watts and is surprizingly loud. There are only two tubes in this amp, both operating in cathode biased Class A,

so they can be changed without bias adjustments and there is no need for tube matching.

I added a Standby switch position because class A amps burn the most power when idle.

The chassis is a 5F2A from Weber and the transformers are oversized Hammonds. The speaker is an Eminence 12" Lil' Texas.

The controls are only volume and tone - no reverb, tremolo, overdrive, etc. so not for everyone - I use pedals if I want any of that.

The box is 1" (nominal) pine with dovetail corner joints (don't think I'll do dovetails again - it's a lot of work for little value).

Weighs in at 26lb and measurements are 15.75"W x 16.5"H x 9.5"D.

I built it because I wanted a really simple, small, old-school amp that I can gig with.

Class A tone is great but the common Class A amps out there (e.g. Fender(TM) Champs and tweed Princetons - intended for practice

and beginners) are underpowered and have small speakers that just don't make them gig-worthy to me. This amp should do it...

Check out my Facebook page for more pics throughout build (

Build samples:

10W Custom

Blackface Deluxe Clone

Tweed Deluxe Clone

18W Marshall Clone

- Speaker Repair

In many cases it is not cost effective to rebuild speakers. However, for high-end and vintage models it often is. I can rebuild many JBL, Jensen, Celestion, and Eminence (as well as many other less common) speakers. Contact me for a quote.

- Effects Repair

In many cases it is not cost effective to repair effects. However, for high-end and simple failures it can be. Contact me to discuss failure symptoms.

- Guitar Setup

I am trained and experienced in guitar setup. I do truss-rod, action, intonation, and pickup adjustment as well fret leveling and dressing when needed.

- Equipment Consultation

I offer consultation on amplifier mods (free if mods are done), equipment purchase recommendations (instrument amplification, Public Address, recording, and acoustics). Fees are negotiated when the scope of work is determined. Contact me for a quote.

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Viking Amps: Eric Summer builds great sounding amps. These aren't just 'knock-offs', they're thoughtfully designed using modern high quality parts.

BANG! Music Support this owner operated music store in Stafford, VA.

BillM mods: This great source for cool mods and kits for (mostly) Fender amps - especially the Blues Jr.

WEBER: Weber speakers, amp kits, and parts.

MOJOTONE: MOJOTONE amp kits, and parts.

Mister Smith: This is my site for musical endeavors.

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